How To Act Movie In Nigeria

How to Act in a Movie in Nigeria

Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, has been a rising star in the global entertainment industry. With the second-largest movie industry in the world, after India's Bollywood, there has never been a better time to become an actor in Nigeria. If you have a passion for acting, then you can make your dream come true by following these simple steps on how to act in a movie in Nigeria.

1. Develop your Acting Skills

The first step in becoming an actor in Nigeria is to develop your acting skills. You can start by enrolling in an acting school or taking acting classes. You can learn a lot from acting coaches, and they can help you to develop your acting abilities.

2. Attend Auditions

Attending auditions is the next step in becoming an actor in Nigeria. Auditions are held by production houses, producers, and casting directors, and they provide you with the opportunity to showcase your acting skills. You can find out about auditions by checking the newspapers, social media, or by contacting the production houses directly.

3. Network

Networking is a crucial aspect of becoming an actor in Nigeria. Attend industry events, such as film festivals, award ceremonies, and other events, to meet other actors, directors, producers, and casting directors. Networking helps you to build connections, and you may be offered roles and contacts that can help you to develop your career.

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4. Be Patient

Becoming an actor in Nigeria requires patience. You may attend several auditions before landing a significant role. However, don't give up. Keep honing your craft and attending auditions, and eventually, you'll land the right role.

5. Build a Resume

Having a resume is essential in the acting industry. Your resume should list your acting roles, training, experience, and skills. Your resume should be well-formatted, easy to read, and should highlight your abilities.

6. Get an Agent

Getting an agent can help you to secure roles and build your career in Nigeria. Agents can help to market your skills and abilities to producers and directors. However, be sure to choose a reputable agent.

7. Create a Demo Reel

A demo reel is a collection of clips showcasing your acting abilities. A demo reel can be used to market yourself to producers and directors. It should be concise, well-edited, and high-quality.

8. Act Professionally

Acting professionally is essential in the industry. Be punctual, respectful, and professional on set. Follow the direction of the director, and work well with other cast and crew members.

9. Be Versatile

Being versatile is crucial in the industry. You should be able to portray different characters, genres, and styles. Being versatile helps you to secure more roles and develop your career.

10. Stay Up to Date

Staying up to date with the industry trends and news is essential. Follow industry blogs, attend industry events, and keep an eye on the latest developments. Staying up to date helps you to stay relevant and adapt to changes in the industry.

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In conclusion, acting in a movie in Nigeria requires hard work, dedication, and patience. Developing your skills, attending auditions, networking, and being professional are all essential steps in building your acting career. By following these tips, you can become a successful actor in Nigeria.


Q1. How much do actors in Nigeria earn?

A1. The pay of actors in Nigeria varies depending on the role and production house. However, established actors in Nigeria can earn between N200,000 and N1,000,000 per movie.

Q2. Can foreigners act in Nollywood movies?

A2. Yes, foreigners can act in Nollywood movies. However, they must have the necessary work permits and visas.

Q3. Do I need to be based in Nigeria to act in Nollywood movies?

A3. No, you do not need to be based in Nigeria to act in Nollywood movies. However, being based in Nigeria makes it easier to attend auditions and network.

Q4. Can I act in Nollywood movies without formal acting training?

A4. Yes, you can act in Nollywood movies without formal acting training. However, having acting skills and training can increase your chances of securing roles.

Q5. Are there opportunities for actors in Nigeria beyond Nollywood movies?

A5. Yes, there are opportunities for actors in Nigeria beyond Nollywood movies. Actors can work in television, theater, advertising, and other media industries.