How To Install Bible In Easyworship

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How to Install Bible in EasyWorship: A Comprehensive Guide

EasyWorship is a powerful software that is used to display lyrics, images, and videos during worship services. It allows churches and religious organizations to present their message in an engaging and interactive way. One of the key features of EasyWorship is the ability to integrate the Bible into presentations. In this comprehensive guide, we will show you step-by-step how to install the Bible in EasyWorship.

Step 1: Download the Bible File

The first step in installing the Bible in EasyWorship is to download the Bible file. There are many websites that offer free Bible downloads in various formats such as XML, CSV, or TXT. One of the most popular websites for Bible downloads is BibleGateway.com.

Once you have found and downloaded the Bible file in your preferred format, save it to your computer in a location that is easily accessible.

Step 2: Open EasyWorship

Once you have downloaded the Bible file, open EasyWorship on your computer.

Step 3: Access the Bible Options

In the EasyWorship main window, click on the “Options” button in the upper right-hand corner.

EasyWorship - Options Button

Then, click on “Bibles” in the left-hand menu.

EasyWorship - Bibles Options

Step 4: Add the Bible

In the Bibles options menu, click on the “Add Bible” button in the upper right-hand corner.

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EasyWorship - Add Bible Button

This will open a new window where you can select the Bible file that you downloaded in Step 1.

EasyWorship - Select Bible File

Select the file and click “Open” to add it to EasyWorship.

Step 5: Verify the Bible

Once you have added the Bible to EasyWorship, you should verify that it has been installed correctly.

To do this, click on the “Bibles” tab in the main EasyWorship window.

EasyWorship - Bibles Tab

You should see the Bible that you just installed in the list of available Bibles.

EasyWorship - Installed Bibles

Select the Bible to ensure that it is displaying correctly in EasyWorship.

Step 6: Use the Bible

Now that you have installed the Bible in EasyWorship, you can use it in your presentations.

To access the Bible, click on the “Scripture” tab in the main EasyWorship window.

EasyWorship - Scripture Tab

Select the Bible that you want to use from the drop-down menu.

EasyWorship - Select Bible

You can now search for and display verses from the Bible in your presentations.


Installing the Bible in EasyWorship is a simple process that can greatly enhance your worship presentations. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily add the Bible to EasyWorship and begin using it in your services.


  1. Can I install multiple Bibles in EasyWorship?

Yes, you can install multiple Bibles in EasyWorship by repeating the steps outlined in this guide for each Bible file.

  1. What formats are supported for Bible files in EasyWorship?

EasyWorship supports a variety of Bible file formats including XML, CSV, and TXT.

  1. Can I customize the appearance of the Bible in my EasyWorship presentations?
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Yes, you can customize the appearance of the Bible in your EasyWorship presentations by adjusting the font size, color, and style.

  1. Does EasyWorship offer pre-built Bible templates for presentations?

Yes, EasyWorship offers a variety of pre-built Bible templates that you can use in your presentations.

  1. Is it possible to add notes and annotations to the Bible in EasyWorship?

No, EasyWorship does not currently offer the ability to add notes and annotations to the Bible in presentations.