How To Know Nigeria Mtn Number

How to Know Your MTN Number in Nigeria

Are you a new MTN subscriber in Nigeria and you cannot remember your phone number? Or perhaps you have lost your SIM pack, and you want to know your MTN number? Whatever the case might be, knowing your MTN number is essential for making and receiving calls, sending SMS, and accessing mobile data. In this article, we will guide you on how to know your MTN number in Nigeria.

Dialing the USSD Code

The simplest and easiest way to know your MTN number is by dialing a USSD code. Follow these steps:

  1. Dial *123# on your MTN line.
  2. Wait for the menu options to display on your screen.
  3. Select option 1 for "Account Information."
  4. On the next screen, select option 1 for "My Number."
  5. Your MTN number will display on your screen.

Checking the SIM Pack

If you have misplaced your MTN SIM pack, you can still find your number by checking the pack. The SIM pack contains your phone number, SIM serial number, and PUK code. Look for the phone number section on the pack, and your MTN number will be written there.

Call a Friend

If you cannot access your phone's dial pad or do not remember the USSD code, you can call a friend or family member who has your phone number. Ask them to read out your number to you, and save it on your phone.

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Visit an MTN Service Center

If all the above methods fail, you can visit an MTN service center located near you. At the service center, you will be required to verify your identity as the owner of the SIM card. Once verified, the attendant will provide you with your MTN number.


In conclusion, knowing your MTN number is essential for staying connected with your loved ones, family, friends, and colleagues. We have provided you with several ways to know your MTN number in Nigeria. You can dial the USSD code, check the SIM pack, call a friend, or visit an MTN service center. Choose the method that works best for you.


  1. How do I recharge my MTN line?
    To recharge your MTN line, dial 555PIN# and press the call button. Alternatively, you can use any of the mobile banking applications or visit an MTN service center.

  2. How do I check my MTN data balance?
    To check your MTN data balance, dial 1314# and press the call button. Your data balance will be displayed on your screen.

  3. How do I activate MTN call barring?
    To activate MTN call barring, dial 350000# and press the call button. You will be prompted to enter your call barring PIN. If you have not set a PIN, the default PIN is 0000.

  4. How do I deactivate MTN call forwarding?
    To deactivate MTN call forwarding, dial ##002# and press the call button. This will cancel all call forwarding settings on your MTN line.

  5. How do I activate MTN international roaming?
    To activate MTN international roaming, dial 123431# and press the call button. You will receive an SMS with instructions on how to activate international roaming on your MTN line.

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