How To Leave Nigeria Illegally

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How to Leave Nigeria illegally

Nigeria, a country on the West Coast of Africa, has been battling with political instability, economic challenges, and insecurity for years. These challenges have made living in Nigeria unbearable for some citizens who see no hope for a better tomorrow. As a result, many Nigerians are considering leaving the country, but due to the strict immigration laws, leaving Nigeria legally may not be a feasible option for everyone. This article will guide you on how to leave Nigeria illegally.

Why Leave Nigeria Illegally?

Before we delve into how to leave Nigeria illegally, it is essential to understand why some people might choose to take this route. Nigerians are leaving the country illegally due to several reasons, which may include;

  • Limited opportunities
  • Political instability
  • High crime rate
  • Religious and ethnic tensions
  • Poor governance
  • Economic recession

Methods of Leaving Nigeria Illegally

There are several ways to leave Nigeria illegally, and each method comes with its risks and consequences. Here are some methods of leaving Nigeria illegally:

1. Using Illegal Routes

One of the most common ways to leave Nigeria illegally is by using illegal routes. This method involves paying smugglers to take you across the border to neighboring countries or beyond. Illegal routes are dangerous and risky, and many people have lost their lives while trying to cross the border. However, for those who are determined to leave Nigeria, using illegal routes may be an option.

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2. Using Forged Documents

Another way to leave Nigeria illegally is by using forged documents. This method involves obtaining a fake passport or other documents that will enable you to travel out of the country. This method is risky as you can get caught by immigration officials, and the consequences could be severe.

3. Stowing Away on Ships

If you live close to a seaport, stowing away on ships going out of the country may be an option. This method is highly risky, and you risk being caught by the authorities. Also, the conditions on board the ship may not be favorable, and you could face harsh penalties if caught.

4. Marrying a Foreigner

Marrying a foreigner is another way to leave Nigeria illegally. This method involves finding a foreigner willing to get married to you so you can obtain a visa to travel out of the country. However, this method is risky, and it could lead to fraud, and you could face severe consequences if caught.

Risks and Consequences of Leaving Nigeria Illegally

Leaving Nigeria illegally comes with several risks and consequences, which may include:

  • High risk of being caught by immigration officials
  • Imprisonment and deportation
  • Loss of property and assets
  • Inability to return to Nigeria
  • Death or injury

Precautions to Take When Leaving Nigeria Illegally

If you decide to leave Nigeria illegally, there are several precautions you should take to minimize the risks and consequences. Here are some precautions to consider:

  • Do your research and understand the risks involved
  • Avoid using illegal routes, if possible
  • Obtain proper documents to avoid being caught
  • Keep a low profile and avoid drawing attention to yourself
  • Have a backup plan in case things go wrong
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Leaving Nigeria illegally is not an easy decision, and it comes with several risks and consequences. It is essential to explore legal options before considering illegal means of leaving the country. However, for those who are determined to leave Nigeria, the above methods and precautions may be helpful.


  1. Will I be able to return to Nigeria after leaving illegally?

    • No, leaving Nigeria illegally could result in being barred from returning to the country.
  2. Can I use a fake passport to leave Nigeria?

    • Using a fake passport is illegal and could lead to severe consequences.
  3. How much will it cost to leave Nigeria illegally?

    • The cost of leaving Nigeria illegally varies and depends on the method used.
  4. Is it possible to leave Nigeria without any documentation?

    • Leaving Nigeria without proper documentation is highly risky and should be avoided.
  5. Can I seek asylum in another country if I leave Nigeria illegally?

    • Seeking asylum is an option, but it is essential to understand the requirements and process involved.