How To Unshare Data In Mtn

How to Unshare Data in MTN

In this digital era, sharing data with friends and family has become a common practice. However, there are times when you may want to unshare your data to maintain privacy or limit data usage. If you're an MTN user, unsharing your data is quite easy, and in this article, we'll discuss the steps to do so.

What is Data Sharing in MTN?

Data sharing is a service that allows MTN users to share their data with family and friends. With this service, you can share your data plan with up to five MTN numbers. This means that you can give access to your data plan to people you trust, and they can use it to browse the internet, stream videos, and download files.

Why Unshare Data in MTN?

There are several reasons why you might want to unshare your data in MTN. Some of these reasons include:

  • Privacy: You may want to keep your browsing habits private and not share your data with others.
  • Data Usage: Data sharing can be convenient, but it can also lead to excessive data usage, especially if the people you share your data with are heavy internet users.
  • Cost: Sharing data with others can increase your data usage, which can lead to higher bills at the end of the month. By unsharing your data, you can limit your data usage and save money.

How to Unshare Data in MTN

To unshare your data in MTN, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Dial 1312*3#

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To unshare your data, you need to dial 1312*3# on your MTN line. This will give you access to the data sharing menu.

Step 2: Select Option 2

In the data sharing menu, select option 2, which is the unshare data option. You will be prompted to confirm your selection, and once you do, your data will be unshared.

Step 3: Confirm Unshare

After selecting the unshare data option, you will be prompted to confirm your selection. Once you confirm, you will receive a message confirming that your data has been unshared.

Step 4: Notify Shared Users

If you had shared your data with other MTN numbers, it's important to notify them that you have unshared your data. This way, they won't continue using your data plan, and they can subscribe to their own data plans if they need to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I unshare my data at any time?
A: Yes, you can unshare your data at any time by following the steps outlined above.

Q: Will unsharing my data affect my data plan?
A: Unsharing your data will not affect your data plan. You will still have access to the same amount of data as before.

Q: Can I unshare my data with some numbers and share with others?
A: Yes, you can select which numbers to share your data with and which ones to unshare.

Q: Will I get a refund for unused data when I unshare my data?
A: No, you will not get a refund for unused data when you unshare your data.

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Q: Can I share my data again after unsharing it?
A: Yes, you can share your data again by following the data sharing process outlined by MTN.


Unsharing your data in MTN is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. By unsharing your data, you can maintain your privacy, limit data usage, and save money on your bills. If you're an MTN user, follow the steps outlined above to unshare your data and enjoy complete control over your data plan.