How To Find Someone In Nigeria

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How to Find Someone in Nigeria: Tips and Resources

Nigeria is a vast country with over 200 million people, making it difficult to find someone without the right resources and knowledge. Whether you're trying to locate a long-lost friend, family member, or business associate, there are several ways to find someone in Nigeria. In this article, we’ll explore these different methods and provide you with tips to help make your search as successful as possible.

Start with Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are excellent resources for finding someone in Nigeria. You can use these platforms to search for the person by name, location, and even their email address. If you're not sure if the person has a social media profile, try searching for their name along with the name of their hometown or school. You can also ask mutual friends or acquaintances if they know the person's social media handles.

Use Online Directories

Online directories are another great resource for finding someone in Nigeria. Sites like Nigeria Yellow Pages, VConnect, and Nigeria Business Directory allow you to search for businesses and individuals by name, location, and industry. These directories can provide you with contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses.

Check Public Records

Public records can be a valuable resource when searching for someone in Nigeria. Vital records like birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, and divorce decrees are available through the National Population Commission. You can also access property records, court records, and criminal records through local government offices. Keep in mind that accessing some of these records may require a fee.

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Hire a Private Investigator

If you're still having trouble finding someone in Nigeria, it may be time to consider hiring a private investigator. These professionals have experience in locating people and have access to resources that are not available to the general public. You can find reputable private investigators through referrals, online directories, and professional associations. Keep in mind that hiring a private investigator can be expensive, so it's important to have a clear understanding of the fees and services before signing a contract.

Ask for Help

Asking for help from locals is one of the most effective ways to find someone in Nigeria. If you know someone who is from Nigeria or has connections in the country, they may be able to provide you with valuable information or even help you locate the person. You can also consider reaching out to the Nigerian embassy or consulate in your country for assistance.


Finding someone in Nigeria can be a daunting task, but it's not impossible. By using these different resources and tips, you can increase your chances of locating the person you're looking for. Remember to be patient and persistent, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.


Q: How long does it take to locate someone in Nigeria?
A: The time it takes to locate someone in Nigeria can vary depending on the methods used and the person's location. It can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks or even months.

Q: Can I use a free online people search to find someone in Nigeria?
A: While there are free online people search engines available, they may not be as effective as paid services or professional investigators. It's important to research and use reputable resources for your search.

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Q: Can I search for someone in Nigeria using their phone number?
A: Yes, you can use a phone number to search for someone in Nigeria. You can try using online directories or even social media platforms like WhatsApp to locate the person.

Q: Is it legal to hire a private investigator in Nigeria?
A: Yes, it is legal to hire a private investigator in Nigeria. However, it's important to work with a licensed and reputable investigator to ensure that your search is conducted legally and ethically.

Q: What should I do if I locate the person I'm searching for?
A: If you locate the person you're searching for, it's important to reach out to them respectfully and with caution. Consider reaching out through a mutual friend or using a professional service to contact the person.