How To Publish A Novel In Nigeria

Title: How To Publish A Novel in Nigeria: A Comprehensive Guide

Writing a novel is a labour of love, a creative endeavour that requires time, talent, and dedication. However, publishing a novel is a whole different ball game, especially in Nigeria, where the publishing industry is still in its infancy. Fortunately, with the advent of digital technology and self-publishing platforms, aspiring Nigerian authors can now take their destiny into their hands and publish their books without waiting for the approval of traditional publishers. In this article, we will guide you through the process of publishing a novel in Nigeria, step by step.

  1. Write a Compelling Novel

The first step in publishing a novel is, of course, writing one. You need to come up with a compelling story, well-developed characters, and a unique voice that captures the attention of your readers. Writing a novel requires patience, discipline, and commitment. Take your time to plan, research, and write your story. You can write in any genre, from romance to thriller, as long as you tell a compelling story that resonates with your readers.

  1. Edit and Revise Your Manuscript

Once you have written your novel, the next step is to edit and revise it. This stage is critical because it determines the quality of your book. You can hire a professional editor or do it yourself. Ensure that your manuscript is free of grammatical errors, typos, and inconsistencies. You should also pay attention to the pacing, structure, and character development of your story. Remember, the first impression matters, and a poorly edited manuscript can turn off potential readers and publishers.

  1. Create a Book Cover and Layout

The next step is to create a book cover and layout that reflects the theme and tone of your novel. You can hire a graphic designer or use online tools like Canva to create a professional-looking book cover. Your book cover should be eye-catching, with a clear title and author name. The layout should also be easy to read, with a clear font and page numbers. You can also add illustrations or graphics to enhance the visual appeal of your book.

  1. Choose a Publishing Option
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There are two main options for publishing a novel in Nigeria: traditional publishing and self-publishing. Traditional publishing involves submitting your manuscript to a publishing house or literary agent who will review and approve it. If your book is accepted, the publisher will handle the editing, design, printing, and distribution of your book. However, traditional publishing is highly competitive, and it may take months or years to get a response from publishers.

On the other hand, self-publishing involves taking charge of the entire publishing process, from editing to distribution. Self-publishing gives you more control over your book, and you can publish your book in digital or print formats. You can also use self-publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, OkadaBooks, or Kobo Writing Life to reach a wider audience. However, self-publishing requires more effort and resources, and you have to handle everything from promotion to pricing.

  1. Set a Publishing Budget

Whether you choose traditional publishing or self-publishing, you need to set a publishing budget. This budget will cover the cost of editing, design, printing, and promotion of your book. For traditional publishing, you may not have to pay upfront, but you will share the royalties with the publisher. For self-publishing, you need to invest in a professional editor, graphic designer, and marketing campaign to ensure that your book stands out in the crowded market.

  1. Get Your ISBN and Barcode

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique identifier that distinguishes your book from others in the market. You can obtain an ISBN from the Nigerian ISBN Agency or from online platforms like Nielsen. A barcode, on the other hand, is a scannable code that helps retailers track and sell your book. You can create a barcode with the ISBN or use online tools like Barcode Generator.

  1. Register Your Copyright
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Copyright registration protects your intellectual property rights and prevents others from using your work without your permission. You can register your copyright with the Nigerian Copyright Commission or through their online portal. Copyright registration is essential, especially if you plan to sell your book globally.

  1. Publish Your Book

Once you have completed all the previous steps, it's time to publish your book. If you choose traditional publishing, you will have to wait for the publisher to print and distribute your book. For self-publishing, you can upload your book to online platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or OkadaBooks. Ensure that your book is available in both digital and print formats to reach a wider audience.

  1. Promote Your Book

Publishing your book is just the beginning; you need to promote it to attract readers and generate sales. You can use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to create buzz around your book. You can also collaborate with book bloggers, book clubs, and book festivals to reach a wider audience. Ensure that you have a professional author website and email list to keep your readers updated about your future works.


Publishing a novel in Nigeria requires hard work, patience, and determination. Whether you choose traditional publishing or self-publishing, you need to ensure that your book is of high quality and resonates with your readers. By following the steps outlined above, you can publish your book and share your story with the world.


Q1. How long does it take to publish a novel in Nigeria?
A1. The timeline for publishing a novel in Nigeria varies depending on the publishing option you choose. Traditional publishing may take months or years, while self-publishing can take a few weeks to a few months.

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Q2. How much does it cost to publish a novel in Nigeria?
A2. The cost of publishing a novel in Nigeria depends on the publishing option and the services you require. Traditional publishing may not require an upfront payment, but you will share the royalties with the publisher. Self-publishing requires more investment in editing, design, and promotion, and the cost can range from $500 to $5000 or more.

Q3. Do I need an agent to publish my novel in Nigeria?
A3. You don't necessarily need an agent to publish your novel in Nigeria. However, having an agent can increase your chances of getting published by traditional publishers.

Q4. Can I publish my book in both digital and print formats?
A4. Yes, you can publish your book in both digital and print formats. This will enable you to reach a wider audience and cater to different reader preferences.

Q5. How do I price my book?
A5. The pricing of your book depends on various factors, such as the length, genre, and target audience. You can research the market and compare the prices of similar books to determine the optimal price point.